American Barefoot Club

By Kellen Birch

To think I used to say I was a barefooter!

An awkward silence led to me half-drunkenly nominating myself to do a writeup on the western regionals, so buckle up! It’s amazing what can come from one quick message on Facebook! In the spring of 2019, I messaged Hank Cobb about a repower on his outboard Sanger. It’s been a wild ride since! I have been standing on water since I was 3 on the boat I still own. But that was the extent of my barefooting experience and skills. Hank recommended I look up a guy named Brian Heeney that snow skis at my local mountain. February of 2020, I saw a guy walk into the bar in a blue coat that I had seen online in his pics. I asked if he was Brian Heeney and he replied, “Yeah who the **** are you?” Little…

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